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Dr. Keith Jeffery, DVM


International Tai Chi Instructor

Dr. Keith Jeffery has studied and taught the ancient art of tai chi for the last 25 years. He has a black belt in Goju karate and has studied meditation and tantra. In addition, he has probed the relationship of the new physics and the concept of chi (energy), and managed the Canadian affairs of a large American nutrition company. In 1992, Keith retired from his veterinary practice to devote his energies to adapting tai chi movements and principles to modern life, and to creating individual and corporate stress-reduction programs designed for contemporary lifestyles.

Video/Audio Author

After several years on the international motivational and training circuit, during which he taught groups of up to 2500 people, Keith created the Tai Chi for Busy People™ audio/video package. Incorporating full body movement, mental stillness, and deep breathing, this unique tai chi program presents a quick and effective way to achieve positive results on all levels. Says Keith, just five minutes of slow, meditative movement and deep breathing before a sports competition or a business-meeting can create laser clarity and focus. Five minutes can also improve family communication and interaction. And five minutes before bed can improve sleep dramatically.

Corporate Motivational Trainer

Tai chi has been referred to as "yoga in motion," a moving meditation and a powerful key to relaxation as well as increased focus and concentration. It's this important message that Keith carries to corporate clients in his seminars and workshops. Tai chi is a perfect training complement for the mental and physical requirements of today's hectic world. It can help you slow down yet work more effectively. The great paradox--increasing productivity by reducing speed--really works, Keith says, since the tai chi practitioner comes to his or her work--and play--from a solid, more grounded, and healthier place.

Keith Jeffery on Stress Reduction

"So many wellness teachers tell busy people that they need to meditate, practice yoga, pray, or do tai chi for an hour or more a day. In a perfect, laid-back world, that is great advice. But in our world, that approach simply stops most people from taking any action at all. The key is to begin with just a few minutes a day. Make the practice doable. Five minutes a day of slow, meditative movement and deep breathing adds up to almost 3 hours a month of self-care. A few minutes a day has the same effect as adding spice to soup--it can make a huge, noticeable difference!" 

Keith is happy to answer questions about tai chi, martial arts, learning relaxation skills, and "flowing" in the fast lane. 

Visit Keith's Web Site:

Dr. Jeffery's web site, at www.easytaichi.com , is one of the most frequently visited tai chi sites on the Internet. Here you'll find Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the art and practice of tai chi, information about ways to improve your tai chi practice, research confirming its health benefits, and medical conditions and diseases that may respond to tai chi practice. You'll also find details about the Tai Chi for Busy People video/audio package and a current teaching schedule for Keith, including workshops, cruises, and seminars.

Some of the Physical Benefits of Tai Chi

Increased flexibility and strength 
Better balance, enhanced coordination, and improved fine motor skills 
Improved posture 
Improved immune functioning as well as increased vitality and energy 

Some of the Mental Benefits of Tai Chi 

Reduced stress, increased relaxation, increased concentration and mental focus, improved memory. 
An increased sense of happiness, contentedness, and inner peace 
Greater ability to "be in the moment" and to pull back from the craziness of everyday living